On the Road Again…

Life on the road as a salesman is never mundane.  New towns, people and scenery season my week with variety.  Despite the menotany of my daily job I am blessed to be on the road day in and day out… enjoying God’s creation.  The beauty and splendor of everyday life never ceases to amaze me.  From the farmlands of the side roads to the urban sprawl of the cities.  God’s signature is visible.

A Day In The Sun…

A day at the beach is not a day I look forward to.  Sand, crowds, heat, crowds and sand.  And did I mention sand?  But one thing about the beach that I’ve grown to love is bringing my kids to the beach.  It brings me back to my days at Revere Beach with my mom and aunt.  Sand scratching the heck out of my thighs.  Saltwater smell stuck in my hair.  The screeching of seagulls, and not to mention the smell of Kelly’s Roastbeef.  Which I don’t think I’ve EVER had a roast beef sandwich from there.  But I digress… So the beach… yea, I’m not a fan, but I love seeing my kids splash in the waves, shriek with excitement with EVERY wave that rolls in, wave after wave after wave.  It never gets old for them and for me for that matter.  It never gets old.  So here’s to the beach this summer!  and I hope to take some nice shots at the beach too.  We’ll see.

Rain, Rain.

This summer is starting out as a wash.  It seems as though every other day it’s raining.  Normally I wouldn’t mind so much, but being that I drive from place to place and have to get in and out from my car 5-6 days a day.  This rain is getting on my nerves.  One bright spot in these seemingly otherwise gloomy days is that the rain lends itself to some great candid shots.  Black coats and umbrellas equals great shots.  Anyway, that is my thought for the day.


1 : made, done, or formed on or as if on the spur of the moment : improvised
2 : composed or uttered without previous preparation : extemporaneous

Just say “spur of the moment”. I hate words that make you sound smarter than you really are. I know for me. I’m not that smart. But if I say “impromptu” I’ll definitely look more smarter.

Rainy Days…

There’s something about rainy days that makes me want to sit in a coffee shop and read.  To sit by a fireplace and take a nice nap.  But alas, there’s commercial refrigeration hardware and gaskets that need to be sold by golly!  There is bright side to rainy days (which there seems to be a lot of them lately).  Pictures of Orthodox Jews with umbrellas!  Well, anyone with an umbrella is a cool picture in my mind.  But an Orthodox with an umbrella is way more cooler to me.  The Orthodox community near me is an interesting group of people.  A very tight night community.  I always feel as an outsider when I am there.  With that being said, a rainy day in Lakewood makes for a fun and interesting snapshot day.  Thanks Lakewood.


Inherently B&W…

One of my favorite yet equally despised stops in my #dailytravels is the town of Lakewood.  Lakewood has intrigued me ever since we moved to the area.  Lakewood has a very large Orthodox Jewish communities and a very large homeless one as well.  An intriguing mix of cultures and classes, religions and backgrounds.  On my stop today as I did some cold calls (yawn, boring sales lingo) I could not help but snap some pictures of the hustle and bustle of the pre-sabbath rush.  You may or may not know that Friday evening begins the Jewish Sabbath, which is vigorously and “religiously” followed by this particular sect of Judaism.  The level of devotion for God these people exhibit is hard to match.  As a Christian, I should take note of their commitment to their God.  It truly is an inspiration.

However, the side of Lakewood that is much less appealing is the congestion, traffic, and poverty.  The first two are what they are.  The later is one that I pray that would really be embraced by the Church.  I know there is some outreach by local churches, I just wish that there was more that we could do.  The homeless community known as “Tent City” is a seemingly impregnable fortress of poverty and despair.  Pray, pray for Lakewood a truly unique and seemingly hard to reach community.  So on this rainy day I took some shots of some really interesting people all inherently in black and white.

market square…

Today I had a few appointments in the Trenton area.  I have mixed emotions when I have an appointment in this part of NJ.  I’ve had very little success for business, but I’ve had great times snapping pictures of daily life in Trenton.  The people here seem to always be on a mission wherever they are going OR they are sitting back, enjoying some good company and some sunshine on a park bench.  Life is always at a bustle or it’s always at a standstill.  An interesting mix of culture and personality.  Trenton is indeed a very unique place.  This picture was taken a few weeks back. I love the investment these guys were giving to their conversation.  They were engaged so deeply into the topic of the day.  It looks as though from a far that they were about to break into a beat-box and start free-styling.  This photo is one of my favorites.

thus begins #dailytravels…

#dailytravels has begun as an extension of my life on the road as a sales man in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. I’m on the road daily. Trudging along from restaurant to seemingly endless restaurant. Day after day, week after week. It’s endless. But what has recently tickled my fancy is utilizing my time on the road to capture my travels with my iPhone. So this is it. #dailytravels. The site that keeps me sane. I hope you enjoy!  Because if no one else sees this page… EVER, I’ll still enjoy snapping away at everyday life on my #dailytravels of life.